About us



GRIPP is a brand born from the simple notion of creating accessories for your smartphones, laptops, tablets, watches, and other devices to enrich today’s lifestyle while primarily safeguarding your valuable electronics. Our journey is driven by a commitment to innovative design, functionality, uncompromised quality and durability, and outstanding after-sales client servicing. These principles lead us to develop exceptional gizmo accessories that stand out in the market.


Our Product Range


Our product range includes a variety of protective and stylish accessories, such as:


Drop Protection Cases: Designed to absorb impact and prevent damage from accidental drops.

High-Quality Materials: Enhanced device protection using the finest materials.

Tempered Glass: Offering the best in screen protection with high durability and clarity.


We focus on ensuring that each product not only serves its functional purpose but also adds a touch of elegance and convenience to the user’s experience.


Market Presence


GRIPP has proudly established its presence among over 3,000 retailers across India, making a significant impact in the accessories market. We have been recognized and felicitated as the #1 brand for Apple and Samsung accessories in India, a testament to our dedication and the trust our customers place in us.


Our Team


Our team is composed of passionate and dedicated individuals who share a common vision: to design and create products that are aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and meticulously detailed. Every day, we strive to push the boundaries of design and functionality, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our Commitment


At GRIPP, we understand the importance of protecting your devices while complementing your lifestyle. Our products are designed to provide the ultimate protection without compromising on style or convenience. Whether it’s a sturdy phone case, a sleek laptop sleeve, or a reliable charger, GRIPP is committed to delivering accessories that enhance your daily life and safeguard your devices.